It sounds so boring or you think it’s for someone else, not you. You don’t want to sit on those weird, uncomfortable cushions and you know your busy mind never leaves you alone for a second so even trying it is a frustration you’d rather avoid. Any of those resonate? I’m sure you’ve heard all the positive reasons for meditation but they just don’t motivate you enough to give it a try.

Our lives are so consumed with distraction and it’s all an illusion, does that even make sense? Most of us think we have some degree of ADD but it’s really that our lives have so many distractions it’s almost impossible to have the same thought for more than 2 seconds. We feel jittery, always thinking we need to focus, we have to get whatever is in our face done! We make excuses but they don’t fly for long especially with your employer. Do you feel like you’re always “fighting fires”? Do you ever ask yourself if any of it really matters? Sure if it involves a steady paycheck or your children we turn a blind eye to delving into those depths, it’s much easier to keep trying to run uphill than to ponder why you’re on the hill in the first place. It’s also less scary. Most people don’t want to rock the boat, don’t want what they know and are comfortable with to change, but guess what? It changes anyway.

It’s okay it’s not your fault. Heard of global warming? Well it’s not just our planet that is experiencing physical changes, you are too. How can you not? we’re all a part of mother earth, gaia, whatever you want to call her. Yes, it’s all one and you cannot separate yourself from the whole no matter how much you stick your head under your pillow. Your body, your mind are all going through an energetic evolution just as she is. So how are you going to cope with this energy and oh, it’s only going to get stronger, check out <a href=”″ rel=”noopener” target=”_blank”>Prophecies and Science of a Golden Age</a>. Yep meditation.

You see meditation is energy control and you can learn to start taking control of your energy (you may even like it). The best part is there are so many ways to meditate, don’t limit yourself to outdated notions of religious monks sitting for hours in a pursuit of enlightenment. While enlightenment is great you still need to pay the bills right? Find a style, a position, a time and a place to practice meditation and if you don’t know where to begin, we can help. Sign up for a workshop, come in for some alone time and be mentored or join a group meditation (sharing your energy with others is a side benefit).

Meditation is the key that opens to the golden age. We as a society are not going to get there with AI and technology that separates us. It’s time to make a choice, keep running on the hamster wheel of your life or stop and make a conscious choice.

Let me know your thoughts in the comment section and I’ll be back next time with how you can get an edge in life.