What do I do at ZenCat Lounge?

You can:

  • Pet, play, and relax with our friendly feline residents
  • Learn to meditate with one-on-one guidance from experienced meditators
  • Make your own cat toy and bring it home to your cat(s) or donate it to our kitties (see example)
  • Color a page from an adult coloring book (see example)
  • Attend a yoga class or group meditation class
  • Pull on a pair of headphones, sit back, and listen to guided meditation on topics like:
    • Sounds – Sound can act as a tool for enhanced focus and inner observance
    • Thoughts – Learn how to watch your own mind and follow the coming and going of thoughts without getting attached to them
    • Emotions – Learn how to watch the rising and falling away of emotions, feelings, and thoughts, allowing these states to arise and leave without reacting to them
    • Relaxation – Learn to release tension and stress as you deepen into a meditative state (this meditation is performed lying down)
    • Releasing body image – Explore a practice for purifying your body image, releasing attachment to how others perceive you
    • Reducing fear & anger – Learn Ghandi’s mantra for transmuting difficult emotions
    • Acceptance for athletes – Learn how to increase attention span and stay centered in the face of adversity
    • Finding your truth – Tap into your authentic self and move beyond ego
    • Practicing presence – Focus on returning to this moment, the only moment in which we can live our life, so we can truly experience life regardless of what is happening
  • Enhance your meditation with the Muse headband