Free yourself from stress and worry!

The Practical Meditator program helps busy professionals take control of their lives and creates an ongoing, self-generating peace

  • Do you often feel swamped with the amount of demands in your life?
  • Do you feel like your life is running you, rather than you running it?
  • Are you worried about your job, paying the bills, staying healthy, keeping your children safe, and still trying to find time for fun?

Many people feel like they are dealing with more than they can handle. The Practical Meditator program was developed to teach you how to constructively use meditation to gain control and be more effective in life.

In this 10-week meditation program you will learn to:

  • Work smarter by focusing your mind and prioritizing your time instead of ‘fighting fires’
  • Be physically healthier by utilizing stress relieving techniques
  • Operate from a higher perspective and gain an edge over others who are functioning from an emotional state
  • Open yourself to your own higher wisdom and obtain answers meant specifically for you

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