Female, 2? years old, Scottish Straight

Personality: Shy, quiet, sweet
Favorite spot(s) to be petted: Top of head, cheeks
Favorite toy(s): Wand toys
About Sharla: I’m not a big talker. But when I do, I have a cute, chirpy meow that will melt your heart!
I’m still a little on the shy side. I warm up quickly to humans, and I’m learning to love hanging out with other cats.
I’m an old soul at heart: I love chilling out, being petted (face rubs are the best!), and curling up next to someone for a nap. I enjoy watching others play, and sometimes I like playing with a wand toy.
About the breed: Scottish Straights are closely related to Scottish Folds – the only difference between the two breeds is the gene for folded ears! Both are known to be affectionate, calm, well-behaved cats with soft voices and a fondness for sleeping on their backs.
Type of environment she’d do best in: We think Sharla would prefer a home with another cat who is older than her that she can cuddle with. She’ll also appreciate cozy places next to windows where she can sit and nap.

Sharla is being fostered from Healthy Paws

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