Male, 1 year old, domestic/Russian Blue mix

Personality: Friendly, sweet, playful
Favorite spot to be petted: Cheeks
Favorite toys: Wand toys
About Rowan: My brother Aidan & I were part of a group of two dozen cats who were dropped off at San Bernadino City Shelter. Not much is known about my history before that, but my confidence and love for people show that I used to have a good home when I was a kitten. I’m great with kids, even very young ones. I’m also cool with being held, belly rubs, you name it! I get along very well with other cats too, especially if they like to play.

We think Rowan would be a perfect fit in a family with children, but he will adapt well to nearly any home – especially one that appreciates his amusing meows!

Rowan is being fostered from The PAW Mission

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