Lily Mae

Female, 1 year old, domestic tabby & white cat

Personality: Sweet, affectionate, happy
Favorite spot to be petted: Top of head, chin
Favorite toy: Cat Charmer
About Lily: I’m one of the chillest cats you’ll ever meet. I love being around people and like to “check in” with my favorite humans by sniffing their faces and grooming their hair.
You know what else I love? Belly rubs! If I like you, I’ll flop onto the floor and display my very rubbable tummy. I’ll show you my appreciation with kitty kisses and love nips.
Type of environment she’d do best in: Lily will be shy and a little skittish at first, but with a
little love and patience on your part, she’ll adapt well and become part of the family.

Lily Mae is being fostered from MeoowzResQ

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