Male, 2 year old, domestic tuxedo cat

Personality: Sweet, playful, friendly
Favorite toy: Superballs and tunnels
About Hector: I’m ZenCat Lounge’s resident tripod – last September, I was hit by a car and lost my left hind leg, but that doesn’t slow me down a bit.
If there’s one thing that accident taught me, it’s to live life to the fullest! That means chasing Superballs, playing with my favorite humans, and giving and getting as many kisses as possible. I’ve also discovered that life’s too short to be shy. I’m an outgoing sweetheart and I’m ready to settle down in my forever home.
Type of environment he’d do best in: Hector can adapt to almost anything. He’s good with kids and very comfortable with other cats, although it takes some time for them to get used to him because his body language is different. We think he’ll thrive in many different types of environments. Like your house!

Hector is being fostered from The PAW Mission.

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