Female, 4? years old, American Shorthair/Bengal mix

Personality: Friendly, sweet, feisty
Favorite spot(s) to be petted: Top of head, behind ears
Favorite toys: Tunnels and balls
About Caitlin: My favorite spot in the house is your lap. I could sit there all day! I really like people and I always want to be where the action is.
Because I got sick when I was little, my left ear is a little wrinkled – but that just makes me extra-adorable and unique. I also have some ongoing dental issues. I’m usually fine, but when my teeth feel a little sore, I may need some alone time.
Overall, I’m a smart, affectionate cat who wants to play, get some love, and give you kisses!
Type of environment she’d do best in: A house with plenty of room for her to run and windows to look at the outdoor world. No dogs or young children. Caitlin is an absolute sweetheart, but she’ll probably do best with an experienced cat owner or kind soul who’s sensitive to her moods. She will reward your patience and understanding with loads of affection and a large collection of amusing facial expressions.

Caitlin is being fostered from Healthy Paws

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