Male, 1 year old, domestic/Maine Coon mix

Personality: Playful, friendly, affectionate
Favorite spot(s) to be petted: Cheeks, chin
Favorite toys: Wand toys
About Blackie: I have lots of energy and love to play! I adore being the center of attention and will show off my acrobatic jumps and flips while playing. I get grumpy when I have to share toys and food with other cats, except for my sister Shadow. She’s the only cat I’d be okay sharing a home with, but we don’t need to be adopted together (although we do make an adorable pair!).

Blackie is very friendly and unlike most of our cats, he isn’t the least bit shy or afraid around young children. He would make an excellent family pet, but any home that will shower him with attention will be a great fit. He loves to be around people and will sit with you on the couch and sleep by your feet at night.

Blackie is being fostered from MeoowzResQ