Male, 1 year old, domestic/Russian Blue mix

Personality: Playful, sweet, affectionate
Favorite spots to be petted: Cheeks, top of head
Favorite toy: Pom pom balls
About Aidan: If you’re looking for a snuggly lap cat who will always be by your side, I’m your guy! There are two things I can never have enough of: face rubs and treats. I learn quickly and can probably be trained to do some cool tricks. I’m very patient with humans, but when other cats get in my way I’m quick to swat at them. I’m not aggressive, I just don’t want anyone standing between me and possible treats or face rubs!

We think Aidan will adapt well to any home where he gets lots of attention and playtime. He’s good with kids although he will may be shy around them at first.

Aidan is being fostered from The PAW Mission.

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