“You have a mind, but you are not the boss of your mind. Often, your mind is the boss of you.”

We all lead busy lives but have you noticed just how much of your life is lived on the surface? We have conversations with people but then can’t remember what was said. We run errands and never pause to notice how nice the weather is. We rush through dinner so we can get to our electronic devices. What if you could stop this cycle and dig a little deeper? That’s where mindfulness meditation can help.

Individual Meditation

Learn to Meditate workshop — Want to meditate but think you don’t know how? This fun and practical 30-minute workshop will teach you the basics of good posture, the benefits of meditation, how to meditate with a cat, and more. Get your questions answered by an experienced mentor and leave ready to try meditation on your own or in one of our group sessions.
$5, registration is required, ages 12+. Note: cat lounge time is not included with this workshop. Click here to view available times and register.

Choose from 3 simple levels of meditation:

  1. Had a tough day? Come in, sit or lie back, and de-stress with a guided individual meditation session in one of our cozy private rooms. End your visit with cat lounge time. No reservation needed. $15 for up to 30 minutes.
  2. 30-Day Mindful Meditation Series — Meditate to work on a current issue you’re facing, such as stress or trouble falling asleep, or just learn how to meditate. We’ll help you choose the best guided meditations for your goal. Sessions average 30 minutes. Pay $35 once and come in as many times as you’d like for the next 30 days.
  3. 30-Day Transcendent Meditation Series — For those who prefer not to focus on breathing during meditation, this meditation is all about feeling good. Meditate lying down, comfortably supported with cushions, using guided meditations that will remove you from the present moment and put your brain in a relaxed state. You can lose track of time, experience the state in between sleep and wakefulness, and may even go out of body. Sessions average 60 minutes. Pay $50 once and come in as many times as you’d like for the next 30 days.

Make a reservation today and discover what you haven’t noticed has been waiting for you.