I just want to pet the cats for a few minutes, do I really have to pay admission?
We’d love to let everyone in for free. But SoCal Edison, Spectrum, and our landlord keep sending us letters every month insisting that we send them money. And we’re pretty sure Target wouldn’t be happy if we walked out with a cart full of poop sand. So yes, you do need to pay to interact with the cats so that we can continue providing them a comfortable place to live. Your tax dollars fund the county kill shelter, not cat lounges.

I know of a cat in need of a home. Can you take him/her in?
In accordance with state law AB 485, we only take in cats from our rescue partners. Please use the links below to contact them. You can find help with common behavior problems and other issues here.
Our Rescue Partners: Healthy Paws, Cats In Tow, MeoowzResQ, The PAW Mission, Cats In Need
For other animals, please contact one of the many excellent rescue groups in our area:
Dogs – Good Dog – Dog Talk, Save A Bow Wow
Rabbits & Guinea pigs – The Bunny Bunch
Birds – Wild Wings of California
Possums – Opossum Society of the United States
Squirrels – Squirrel Mender
Other backyard critters – Wildlife Care of Southern California

How do you ensure the wellbeing of the cats?
Each cat who moves into ZenCat Lounge is given their own crate-style enclosure with 8 sq feet of floor space (larger than the typical metal box you see at shelters), a litter box, water, food, a raised platform with a bed & a fleece blanket, and a rope toy or other enrichment object. This is their safe place to adjust to the sights, sounds, and smells of their new home. Our cat care supervisor assesses each cat during their first 48 hours with us and makes an individual socialization plan for them. Some cats are confident and social enough to join the fun with visitors right away, while others can take as long as 3 months before they’ve done enough socialization training to feel comfortable around strangers. Cats who consistently demonstrate that they get along peacefully with the other cats, don’t engage in potentially harmful behavior like chewing wires, and show us that they don’t need their safe place anymore graduate to 100% cage-free status. Until then, they spend each night in their enclosure for their own safety. Believe it or not, many go in on their own in the evening because they enjoy the privacy and having a space that belongs just to them!
We also regularly monitor our cats for signs of illness and if we spot anything, we notify the rescue partner immediately so they can provide medication and/or arrange for vet care. All residents are required to be spayed/neutered, up-to-date on vaccinations, test negative for feline leukemia, and be free of contagious illness. ZenCat Lounge is fully inspected & licensed by Orange County Animal Care.

Can I bring my pet with me to ZenCat Lounge?
Nope. For the health and safety of our residents, we cannot allow personal pets inside.

I received a gift certificate, how do I use it?
All gift certificates can be used in person like cash. If your gift certificate has an online redemption code, you can use it to buy merch from our online store or make a reservation for a class, event, or cat lounge visit. Enter the code when asked for a gift card number or coupon code during checkout.

Are you hiring?
Not at this time, but we’re always recruiting volunteers.

Do you offer student discounts?
We offer student (and teacher!) discounts at various times throughout the year, so follow us on social media to hear about the next one!

I’m a Boy Scout or Girl Scout, can I do a service project to help the cats of ZenCat Lounge?
Yes, we love Scouts! Some ideas are: supply drives, building cat trees or cat shelves & ramps, and making blankets & toys. Use the Contact Us form to get in touch and we’ll be happy to help.
NEW! We now offer badge opportunities for Girl Scout troops. Click here to learn more!