Help our residents & support our mission to give rescue cats a better life

Use the links below to donate toward our cat care costs or gift an item off our wish list. Any donation big or small will help us keep our cats happy & healthy while they await their forever homes and we sincerely appreciate anything you are able to give.

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We are always in need of one-gallon jugs of distilled water, paper towels, and Tidy Cats litter unscented (green lid) or 4-in-1 strength (black lid).

Gently used items: We gladly accept donations of gently used small blankets, pillowcases, bath towels, and grooming tools (brushes, nail trimmers, etc).

Food donations: We feed our cats PureVita Chicken & Peas dry food; American Journey Duck dry food; and American Journey, BFF, Blue Wilderness, Weruva, or Wellness canned food.

Treats: The treats most preferred by our cats are Temptations (chicken flavor) and Blue Wilderness (chicken & duck).

Your pet’s leftover medication & supplements: We always need flea preventative (Revolution, Advantage, or Frontline). We accept open boxes (or without a box) but the foil sealed packaging around each individual vial must be intact. Most other medications and supplements are welcome too, as long as they are in the original bottle or package from the vet or manufacturer. If we don’t have a cat who needs it, our rescue partners surely do!

Donations can be dropped off daily between 9:30 am & 6 pm. Thank you!