About ZenCat Lounge

ZenCat Lounge is owned and operated by the mother-daughter team of Donna & Melissa Brown. We started ZenCat out of the desire to create a comfortable, nurturing space where people can spend time with cats who would otherwise be caged in a shelter. We were inspired by the idea of this interaction being mutually beneficial – the socialization helps the cats become more adoptable, while giving people a way to reduce stress.

Meditation makes a natural complement to the ZenCat experience. Donna brings over 30 years of meditative experience to our wide array of offerings. Whether you’re new to meditation or you’ve already made it a part of your lifestyle, our goal is to help restore peace to your life — even if it’s just for an hour at a time.

When you visit ZenCat Lounge you’re helping cats from local rescues and helping to spread peace and joy throughout Orange County. You’re also supporting a family-owned, women-owned small business. It’s time for yourself that you can feel good about taking.

Why We Created ZenCat Lounge

ZenCat Lounge is all about love and joy, but when we first came up with the idea, we were in a place of profound unhappiness. Both of us were in careers that gave us no joy, didn’t contribute good to the world, and left us mentally and spiritually drained. For many years, we joked that if we won the lottery, we’d build a cat shelter with a café and meditation studio attached. Well, we didn’t win the lottery but we knew it was time to start creating our own fate. We took what we had in savings and went for it.

Opening ZenCat Lounge restored a sense of purpose for both of us. On a regular basis, we see shy, anxious cats who have been written off by the world and are headed for euthanasia: With just a little love and socialization, they learn to trust humans, become comfortable with attention and affection, and thrive in their new environments. And every day, we get the privilege of helping others experience mindfulness, rise above the complications of the world we live in, and get in touch with their higher, truer selves.

It’s our goal for ZenCat Lounge to become an oasis of respite and community for Orange County and beyond – bringing together affectionate, adoptable cats with loving humans, in an environment designed to ease the mind and nourish the soul.

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