The meditation studio with cats — a peaceful & fun place to relieve your stress

Enjoy the therapeutic benefits of petting and playing with cats while you meditate, color and draw, craft a cat toy, or just lounge on a cozy cushion. We’re a place to take a time out from life, be supported in raising your consciousness, participate in mindful activities, and give love & get love from cats looking for their forever homes. Read more about visiting ZenCat Lounge and our mission, and be sure to take a look at our cats.

Upcoming Events & Classes

Closed for private party – Wed 12/19 @ 2-4 pm
Kitten Party – Wed 12/19 @ 4 pm
Learn to Meditate workshop – Thu 12/20 @ 5:30 pm
Drop-in Group Meditation – Thu 12/20 @ 6 pm
Special hours Wed 12/26: Open 1-7 pm

Want to learn how to meditate?

We offer free 5-minute demos, group sessions, and individual guided meditation for beginners. Get one-on-one support and mentoring to begin and grow your meditation practice. Just let us know you’re new to meditation and we’ll get you started!

Why Should I Meditate?

We experience daily pressure to succeed and are self-critical when we don’t. We rush around in the daily grind of life, fall into bed exhausted, just waiting for weekends. This day-to-day overwhelm is why millions are flocking to mindfulness. This amazing practice offers you the ability to pay attention and become present to get the most out of your life. Mindfulness teaches you how to more calmly respond to situations, recognize unhealthy habits, become more tolerant, less judgmental, and kinder to yourself & others.

The best way to understand & develop mindfulness is through meditation. This universal practice has nothing to do with organized religion or dogma of any kind. Meditation is effortless concentration. It can lessen anxiety & stress, improve your health, and give you more restful sleep. Read more…

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